Mitch & mike gordon


MMG (Mitch & Mike Gordon) make a sound that only twins could. Through years of playing together, the brothers have developed an ability to read each other freely. This comes across in their unique concoction of pop driven R&B with a sprinkle of soul, that moves the mind and the feet.

Drawing inspiration from Stevie wonder, John Mayer, and D’angelo, the Sydney based songwriters combine dense vocal harmonies,  synergetic guitar work, and solid grooves  to reflect the traits of their musical heroes. The twins have found an infectious sound that showcases their musical finesse whilst engaging listener’s both educated and easy-going.

In 2014 Mitch & Mike put their first footprint on the surface of the original music world with their debut self-titled EP. The duo produced a raw acoustic sound coupled with “effortless smooth vocals and feel good guitar hooks”. They toured this EP through Japan in August of 2014, playing shows in Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka.

In the following 12 months the twins explored a range of new soundscapes and refined their direction with their latest release, “This Is How It Feels”. This album was born from a successful crowd-funding campaign which allowed the 11 piece band to take to the studio and record an 8 track album live in one day.

From the success of their first tour, MMG took their new album back to japan for a series of well-received shows.

After a 1 year hiatus, Mitch & Mike are gearing up to release their newest original single “Fling”.


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This Is How It Feels


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